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Hi Tracy and Steve,

It is now almost 3 weeks since we lost our beloved Dylan who was the most gorgeous tri-colour Sheltie you have ever seen.  His loss was very traumatic for us both as his illness had only been diagnosed the previous week and he deteriorated very quickly despite all the best efforts of ourselves and our vets.  When we made the final (and kindest decision) to let him go peacefully and with dignity we knew that we wanted him to have an individual cremation and I found your details on the internet.  Having used another private pet crematorium in the past we were looking for somewhere that offered a more personal service and somewhere where Dylan would be treated with the same care and compassion that he had received from us for the previous 13 years.


I cannot praise you both enough for the kindness that you showed to Dylan, Andy and myself when we arrived at your premises.  We were allowed to spend as much time as we wanted with Dylan in your Farewell Room and this time was invaluable to us both to be able to say our final goodbyes to our irreplaceable family member.  When the time came for us to leave Dylan in your care I know that you were not initially comfortable with my request to see that Dylan was, as promised, alone in the cremator.  Your discomfort was, I know, purely down to your concern for me and your hope that I would not leave you with mental images that would distress me in the painful times to come.  When I explained to you that I really would receive a lot of comfort from knowing that my little boy was alone and that I would then be 100% certain that it was Dylan that came back home to us, you allowed me to view Dylan as I requested and say one final goodbye to him before the chamber was closed.  I cannot stress to you both enough the comfort that this gave me over the days and weeks that have followed.  Knowing exactly what happened to Dylan has given me immense peace of mind and I have also gained a great deal of comfort from knowing that Dylan had his family with him right up until the last minute.

I can therefore say with total certainty to anyone who is thinking of using Forget Me Nott that you do truly offer an individual service and you will work with each individual and tailor your services to meet their needs. 

Words seem so inadequate a way of expressing our gratitude to you both for the kindness you showed to us, but more especially to Dylan, during what was a very traumatic time.  We would not hesitate to recommend Forget Me Nott to any of our pet loving family and friends in the future and we wish you both all the success in the world with  your business.

With much love and thanks,

Sheila and Andy Newton.


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